.rarefaction and .summary

Dear All,
How can I read these files below?
I have the Mothur installed in Qiime. what are the appropriate commands to open these files?




most of these files can be opened with a text, excel or calc editor.

fna - is a “fasta nucleic acid” file. It’s a fasta file. Try something like ‘seaview’ or just a simple text editor

tre - is a tree file. It should be in the Newick format http://www.mothur.org/wiki/Tree.shared - try something like ‘figtree’, ‘treeview’ or ‘treeviewx’, as mentioned in the wiki. But I guess you will need the mothur created tree file for a subsequent analysis, like unifrac, instead of creating a visible tree with it

rarefaction - it’s the rarefaction file - take ‘excel’ or ‘calc’ (open office) and generate one of these well known rarefaction curve figures with it

summary - there are different kinds of summary files - try a text editor or excel/calc

csv - comma separated values - there are different csv versions, tab, comma, or semicolon separated - but you can open them with excel, calc or a text editor (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comma-separated_values)

I hope it helps a bit!