Problem cluster.split

Hi guys, I have a problem with running cluster.split of mothur. I used “cluster.split(fasta=ok.abund.fasta, count=ok.abund.count_table, taxonomy=ok.taxonomy, taxlevel=4, cutoff=0.03, processors=10)” and give this error:

Selecting sequences for group Gammaproteobacteria_unclassified (12 of 101)
Number of unique sequences: 10484

[WARNING]: ok.abund.count_table does not contain any sequence from the .accnos file.
Selected 0 sequences from ok.abund.count_table.

Calculating distances for group Gammaproteobacteria_unclassified (12 of 101):
[ERROR]: you must have at least 2 sequences to calculate the distances, aborting.
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Also, I wonder why the warning is about .accnos file. Does cluster.split use a .accnos file?

somebody to help me, please?

Is this the same dataset as you were struggling with on the other thread? Can you revisit this once you get that thread resolved?


This is my first thread…what do you mean with "the other thread’'?

Ack - sorry, I got you confused with someone else.

Can you post the command as you are running it along with which version number and operating system you are using?


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