Perfessional Third Party to Help Set up HPC

Hello Mothur Community,

After a third-party online tool we used for about a decade crashed, I have been tasked with finding an alternative 16S analysis tool to use in-house to perform my corporate job function. After many meetings and research, I got pointed in the direction of Mothur. Since I have a small command-line and virtual machine background so far, I have successfully utilized Mothur. However, I have a minimal background in more complex computer knowledge. So I started with a laptop from our IT department that is typically used to perform basic job functions (email, word, watch tutorials, etc.) with the Ubuntu Linux Interface instead of windows installed. Now that I am further using Mothur to analyze my dataset, I realize space and processing speed are the most significant issues. I am concerned that this will affect reproducibility down the line.

I watched 2 of your videos from your Riffomonas Project explaining the use of high-performance computer (HPC) clusters and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Since I am a biologist working in a corporate setting with limited knowledge of complex computer performance products, do you have a list of specialists/professionals that I can refer to my IT team to help me help them connect the dots for the type of system I need?



I would look in the Universities close to you contact professors and build a collaboration for your current needs and future studies.

Kind regards,