MiSeq v2 vs v3 chemistries

Hi all,

Not sure if this is the right place to post a “wet-lab” question, but has anybody tested the v3 chemistry lately? If so, how did sequence quality look like?

Many thanks.

I tested it a bit over a year ago and saw the same thing pretty much everyone else is seeing-much steeper decline in q scores earlier in the run than v2 (i.e. cycle 150 in R1 and R2 is much worse in v3 than v2). My FAS insists that the chemistry has improved but until someone comes to me and is willing to gamble $1400 on a v3 run, I’m probably not going to test it again.

To echo kmitchell, it sucks. Stick with v2 chemistry and only sequence the V4 region. Nothing has changed in this post since we first wrote it…