Identifying OTU relabund file

I’ve done a get.relabund on my shared file ( to get relative abundance of each OTU in my samples. After this, I have identified manually the major OTUs of my relabund file with my tax file. In order to save a lot of time, is there a command to identify OTUs of my relabund file ?
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I’m not really sure what you’re asking, but you can definitely parse the relabund file in R

I wasn’t very clear…

For example, for my sample A my relabund files look like :

OTU1 0,32456
OTU2 0,03498
OTU3 0,59873
OTU4 0,00123

With my tax file, I identidy my OTU one by one by hand. Not knowing anything on R, I make charts with Excel with my 10 most numerous OTUs. I was wondering if there is a way to make a relabund file with the name of my OTUs instead of identifying them one by one ?

By the way I’m open to any recommandation concerning R. Thanks a lot !

To complete my question…

My relabund file looks like

OTU1 0,8988
OTU2 0,0211
OTU3 0,1231

What it the command to switch from OTU numbers to OTU names ? For example :

Enterobacter 0,8988
Bacillus 0,0211
Klebsiella 0,1231


Hi, I am not sure I perfectly understand what you want to do but you might also try to use classify.otu with the parameter basis=sequence which will output the number of reads correspond to the different taxonomic levels in each sample. Hope this helps! Maxime

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Thank you so much… That’s exactly what I needed!