How to search the forum (button disappearing randomly)?

I would like to search the forum, but the search panel is no longer where it used to be…

Seems to be there for me in the upper right corner, but really the best option is to use google.


Hi Pat,
I get an error whilst trying to use Google to search the forum.
search Google for “ discrepancy”
Google results seem to be relevant, but when I click the link directly from the Google results, I get this error message on the forum site: “Sorry but you are not permitted to use the search system.”.
For content that is available in the Google cache, visiting that first and only then the links to the mothur forum works.

sorry, i’m really not sure what’s going on at this point.

I am having the same problem

I’m also having this problem. It seems to be associated with using secure browsing (required at my uni). If I turn it off at home then I can search google and not get the error but still don’t have access to the search function on the board.