how to reassemble the mothur produced file


Is there anybody who can help me? Honestly to thanks in advanced.

I have a set of data which was processed with mothur in 2015. However, I just have these things, some parts missing. raw data is missing.

But I have the file after make.contigs, “.trim.contigs.fasta”,".trim.contigs.summary", “.trim.contigs.summary” exist, while “contigs.groups” missing.

I also have the the files after screen.seqs, “.trim.contigs.good.fasta”(in seperate fasta files, I have 60 samples, so in 60 seperate fasta files), while no “.contigs.good.groups”.

Then I also have the files after unique.seqs ,".trim.contigs.good.names", “.trim.contigs.good.unique.fasta”.

Then I have “.trim.contigs.good.count_table”, “.trim.contigs.good.unique.summary”.

Is there a way in mothur that can rebuilt the data?

Because this is one part of sequencing data, I have two other parts. I want to combine the three sequencing data and processing them together.

You really need the raw fastq files. When you go to publish, those fastq files will need to be deposited in SRA.

Regardless… I would probably merge everything based on the output from make.contigs.