Getting a list of OTUs that make up a higher level OTU

For instance, I am trying to analise the diversity of each phylum in a microbial community. It would make it easier if I could get a list of all OTU@0.1 or OTU@0.03 that are derived from a given OTU@0.2.

this is such a great idea that it’s already on the list :wink:

Hi Pat, thnx for getting that into the new version. It will also be usefull to get, instead of the list of sequences in each OTU, the OTU numbers. So that I know, for instance, that that from OTU 1 at 0.03 difference I am getting OTUs 1,2,3 at 0.01 difference. I think that would make a more readable file and you can then use the list file to get the sequences for the OTUs that interest you.

And on the same note, when I open the .list file with Excell, the first thing I do is add running numbers in row 1, from 1 to the number of OTUs in the highest similarity I am looking at so that the OTUs are numbered in order of appearance. It would be nice if that row was added automatically to the file.