get.otulist & heatmap.bin


I have three treatment groups A,B and C, and I used a command “get.otulist(label=0.03)” and sequences from groups A, B and C.
As a result, I had a file; 0.03.otulist which looks like this;

1 U68589
2 U68590, U68593, U68594, U68594 plus hundreds of sequences
3 U68591
4 U68592

I would like to know whether there is any way I can differentiate sequences in the 0.03.otulist based on groups?
For example, if there is any way I can know which group (A, B, or C) the sequence U68590 belong to?
Especially, when there are lots of sequences like line No 2, I would like to differentiate sequences based on groups(A, B and C)?
In other words, I would like to know the origin of sequences which belong to the same OTU.

When I generated a heatmap, there are couple of lines, which I am interested in.
However, it is almost impossible to discriminate lines of my interest among other lines when I have thousands of lines in my heatmap because of the low resolution.
So, I am wondering if I can get the raw data for the heatmap along with SVG file.
I guess looking at the raw data(numbers) for the heatmap along with SVG file may ease the resolution problem and help us to interpret the results.

I appreciate your help.