Denoise or not?

I was wondering if you are planning to integrate Pyronoise into mothur. I was trying to look at some older threads, but I could not really discern if it’s coming or not. I have currently ran my sequences through the latest version of Pyronoise (Amplicon noise), but I really would like to use the “mothur way” of making OTU’s as this really makes more sense to me. However, I am having trouble in finding a way to use the output of Pyronoise (I have not run Seqnoise or Perseus) into mothur. Does the even make sense?
Any help would be appreciated!

Best, Sonja


It’s actually already in there (we just haven’t told anyone, shhh…). Feel free to email me and I’ll get you and a couple other testers the instructions.


Thank you!
I sent you an e-mail earlier today so you have my e-mail address.

Cheers, Sonja

It would be great if I can I give this a try as well. Who should I contact?

Many thanks.