Classifying OTUs from metastats

Hi All,

First of all, Thanks for a magnificent tool… Mothur is amazingly (and surprisingly) user-friendly and straight-forward (I’m a bit new to working with thousands of sequences, used Sanger sequencing for a long time).

I’ve been able to perform a rather thorough analysis of my 454 samples in regards to alpha and beta diversity etc. one thing i’m still missing is a simple table of OUTs from each group and their relative abundance.
Metastats (and also Get.relabund) gives me lots of information on relative abundances and OTUs. however, I can’t find a way to translate the OTU number to a classification or representative sequence. cluster.split would force me to use meta.stats for a single otu/class… I probably missed one step in the middle that would show me all this information, but I can’t seem to find it.

I’d appreciate your help.

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Hi again,

I think I got it. missed a column in one small taxonomy file… Thanks for the great documentation!