Classify sequences from multiple files


I am using Mothur to classify sequences. I have 20 files, and I would like to use mothur in a single run, how can I use that?
I am using a command like that:
classify.seqs(fasta=03.15_bacteria.fasta, template=02.trainset9_032012.rdp.fasta,

Is there a way to write give the 20 fles to “fasta=” parameter instead of running the command 20 times?

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You can enter multiple fasta files by separating the names with dashes.

classify.seqs(fasta=03.15_bacteria.fasta-1FileName.fasta-2FileName.fasta…, template=02.trainset9_032012.rdp.fasta,

Thanks Westcott for the help.
It works well…