archive of mock community taxonomy results

Hi Pat and mothur Community,
I was wondering if there is any interest to create some kind of repository where people can upload taxonomy results obtained from sequencing mock bacterial communities. We routinely include the 20-species Microbial Mock Community B (BEI Resources cat no. HM-782D). Using V1-V2 primers and MiSeq 300-nt single-end sequencing, we consistently obtain ~ 1/2 the number of Proteobacteria reads and ~ 3 time more Baceroidetes that expected from the product description. I would be curious to see whether other folks using this or similar controls obtain similar results, whether this is related to the primers or something else.



I’d be thrilled if there was a way to represent these results some how. In the 454 SOP paper we found similar things for the Proteos with the V13 region because the 27f/8f primer had mismatches with E. coli (and Bifido).

so how do we go about posting such data? I would be happy to provide classify.seqs results - or similar data - obtained from bacterial DNA controls.