Adding distribution-based clustering as a feature of mothur

Would you be interested trying to incorporate an OTU calling method called distribution-based clustering (Preheim et al 2013, AEM 79(21):6593) as an optional OTU calling method in mothur? I’m not sure whether the computationally intensive nature of this method would work well as a feature of mothur. It would be great if it could be incorporated into the mothur platform since mothur is widely used and this method is more accurate at grouping sequences both from the same template and the same organism in mock communities. I would happy to try to help in any way I could to get this feature working as part of mothur. Thanks!

Thanks for the offer - if you know C++, we’d be happy to work with you to incorporate it. Frankly, it seems like it’s only valid for a well defined and limited set of conditions. Are you one of the co-authors?


Yes, I’m an author, and now I’m in search of someone I know who can code in C++. I think this method is beneficial for a wide range of datasets and for an array of questions, but having people use it widely will help determine just how beneficial. Can I email you directly if I find someone to help me code in C++ or is this forum the best way to contact you with specific questions?

Feel free to email me at Thanks for your interest!