Trimmed Silva database :: Reg. 1-base pair difference

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My intention is to understand about this observation. Thank you.

Step 1: Obtain the alignment coordinates with respect to silva.seed_v128.align

Align: 16sv4.fasta vs. silva.seed_v128.align
Outcome: Start = 11895, End = 25318, NBases = 292
Using the start and end coordinate information, we trim silva.seed_v128.align database.

Step 2: Align the input 16sv4.fasta against the newly trimmed silva database

Align: 16sv4.fasta vs. silva_seed_v128_16sV4.align ( -> This is the newly Trimmed silva db )
Outcome: Start = 2, End = 13423, NBases = 291

My Question:

Why is the resulting alignment with the trimmed silva database 1-base less ( 291 bases instead of 292 bases ) ?

Thanks for reporting this. I will look into it and get back to you. You can follow the progress here,

Thanks for taking this up Sarah. Yes, I will follow the link provided.