system(pwd) doen't work in some windows10

Hi Pat and Sarah
Teaching a workshop so, going to have lots of questions. I have a couple people using the windows versions. both are on windows 10, one can


the other gets a command not found error? help?

I don’t think pwd is a supported command on Windows. If you just type ‘cd’ alone you get the current path returned.

That would make sense if both win10 computers couldn’t find it. But thanks for the cd tip, I didn’t know that

Yea, it’s not really an answer just a solution. I have to admit, I’m curious what the problem is. Is one of the computers using the Windows Subsystem for Linux?

They weren’t. But I suggested that they try installing windows subsystem for linux and the student that was having the issues did. It appears to work great, I’m tempted to upgrade my laptop to windows10 so I can use that instead of having a linux virtual box.