redirect data from optimize=start-end-minlength of screen.seqs into file


is there a way to reroute the data that mothur gathers behind the scene while doing the optimization in screen.seqs
[e.g.:screen.seqs(fasta=NASA.ESA.volunteer.align, optimize=start-end-minlength-maxlength, criteria=90) ]

into a tab delimited file or similar,

structured like this or similar:

seqName \t start \t end \t minlength \t maxlength

seq1 \t # \t # \t # \t #
seq2 \t # \t # \t # \t #
seq3 \t # \t # \t # \t #

I would really appreciate your help.


If you run summary.seqs you’ll get an output file that you can parse in R or something to figure this out. At this point we don’t have a way to output directly from screen.seqs.