Reading huge matrix

Dear all, my phylip matrix (dist file) has approximately 13 Gb, for 60 thousands sequences.

I can not read it successfuly for furhter analysis, like heat map.

How coud I facilitate the processing. I am workin with a quadricore computer (four processors of 2Gb).



Sorry, but our version of heatmap is not set up to handle matrices that large. heatmap.sim is really set up for beta-diversity measures created by dist.shared or summary.shared. In general, I suspect that if you followed the guidelines in our Costello analysis example you would significantly cut down on the 60,000 sequences to something more manageable. Also, 2 GB for 4 cores is a bit backwards - you should probably have a lot more RAM at your disposal (e.g. 4, 8, 16?). Hope this helps,