Not getting genus level resolution

I have got the final taxonomy file which shows rarely some genus level, mostly family level. Can anyone tell me the reason? I want at least genus level resolution.


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How deeply you can classify your sequences is mostly to do with what is in the database. what are you sequencing?

Also, if I remember properly, if mothur finds several genera matching your sequence, then it leaves the ID at family level. SO, even if your sequence is there 100% match, if there is more than 1 match mothur will not pick one for you. That would indicate that V6 does not have resolution, independently of the database. Check what is the match at family level. If there is a (100), then V6 does not have resolution below family for your group. If you have values lower than that, then your sequence is not in the reference database…

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Hi kmitchell!!!
I’m analysing gut microbiome 16S rRNA gene sequence. And using SILVA database.