HELP needed discrepancy between values in file obtained from BIOM file

I really don’t understand the results I’m retrieving with the command, printlevel=3, output=simple)

From the log file the count.groups gives the number
A1 contains 56084.
MM1 contains 60715.
P contains 117932.
R contains 83845.
X contains 91716.

Total seqs: 410292.

on XXX.cons.taxonomy the sum of all sequences from all OTUs is 410292 (the same as above)

but that is not the value that I get when doing the command that provides the

total A1 MM P R X
10541 1663 2515 2989 2338 2457

why is that?

Thank you for any help understanding this discrepancy.

Could you send your log file and input files to