Count_table row 1 totals

Looking at a count_table file, the first 3 rows below the header are as follows:
M06066_213_000000000-CPDBH_1_1110_9021_18302 6192 14,1 361,958 382,266 39,1 401,325 42,641
M06066_213_000000000-CPDBH_1_1110_15902_18350 1 40,1
M06066_213_000000000-CPDBH_1_1110_19646_18542 109 1,2 29,3 30,2 31,1 38,8 40,63 42,30
I am wondering why for the first sequence (ending in _18302), the numbers don’t seem to add up; the sequence occurs 6129 times, but the 6 numbers after the comma don’t add up to 6192. Is this an error or am I misreading the table?

Running mothur v.1.43.0 on Linux



Could you send your log file and input files to

Hi Sarah, thanks for following up on my query. It turns out that it’s an excel issue. Excel interprets the “,” as a separator, like 1,000. For instance 40,2041 appears as 402,041. As a consequence the numbers after the comma do not add up to the total shown in column 2. The abundance values are correct if I open the count table in Notepad. Suggestion: instead of comma, inserting a semicolon between group and abundance would take care of the “problem”.


Thanks for following up. I will add this change to our list.