Chimera.Slayer Database

My question is about the database version we need to use for the current set-up of chimera.slayer. The link for the NCBI database is from 2007 (2.2.16), and up a directory level the 2011 database is available (2.2.25). Should we stick with the database version from 2007 for a reason? When I run chimera slayer the 2007 db gives 0 potential chimeras. While the 2011 db gave 42. So I know there is a difference, but am not technical enough to know what it might be.

-J. Cope

Hmmmm… I’m not sure I follow. The link isn’t to the database, but the executables and v.2.2.25 doesn’t include megablast so that shouldn’t/can’t work.

i am also having same trouble, in 2.2.25 i am getting some chimera but not in 2007 balst data base, but patschloss mentioned that there is no megablast in 2.2.25, but it is there.I dont know where is the problem