32 Bit Windows Version 1.36.1


I am running a 32 bit Windows system. I noticed that the new release, both Version 1.36.1 and Version 1.36.0 , doesn’t have the 32 bit download file. Could you please post them.

Thank you,

I built a 32bit Windows version and uploaded it to GitHub, https://github.com/mothur/mothur/releases/tag/v1.36.1.

I am curious whether you can really do anything on a 32 bit operating system. We’re happy to compile and post the 32 bit version, but you would seem to be RAM limited for large reference files and using some very old hardware.


Thank you very much Dr.Schloss and Westcott.

I do agree to your comment. But some of the systems at universities are pretty old and they run on 32 bit OS. I use them for initial runs (trimming, quality filtering .etc.) before running them on clusters for aligning. The line-up for the clusters ( multiprocessors , high-performance computers) are pretty big .